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Traditionally, use 2 oz. gin, 5 oz. tonic water & 1 lime wedge to make this drink
Shortly after birth, the placenta, also called this, is expelled from the uterus
Leonardo da Vinci was born near this small Tuscan town in 1519
The first line of this Ralph Ellison novel is 'I am an invisible man'
Bangui is the capital of this central African republic
Physician Robert Graves first identified this disease in 1835
Kodiak Island is the habitat of this type of bear, Ursus arctos middendorffi
Canada's Swan River empties into this lake
A cation is a positively charged one of these; an anion is a negatively charged one
In 1981 this 9-letter word was added to the state flag of Wisconsin
It's the first amendment to the U.S. Constitution that mentions religion
It's the first verb in the Pledge of Allegiance
It's the one-word name of the Ben & Jerry's flavor described as 'vanilla ice cream with vanilla bean specks'
ClueStupid Answer
The logo of this brand depicts an arm holding a hammer
This sea lies to the north of Belgium, the Netherlands & Germany
It's the one-word title of the state song of Alabama
China's Song Dynasty was noted for its contributions to the tz'u, a form of this
This stone is so named because it was first made in the city of Strasbourg, on the Rhine River
1975's 'Killer Queen' was the first Top 40 pop hit for this group
One story says this word of approval comes from the initials of Van Buren's nickname of 'Old Kinderhook'
Just before serving this Chinese soup, drop some beaten egg into it
This Washington D.C. monument stands near the Potomac, about halfway between the Capitol & the Lincoln Memorial
It's the collective 2-word name for the extinct bears who lived in caves 1,000,000 years ago
Chevron's red & blue logo is this heraldic shape, meant to convey rank & service
Glen Bell founded this taco chain in 1962

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