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The biography of this president, written by David McCullough, became an HBO miniseries. Literature
He was the second president to be assassinated.History
The game 'Oregon Trail' takes place in the year that this president was elected.Gaming
Stevie Wonder's hit 'You Haven't Done Nothin'' is written about this president.Music
He is the only president who was the grandson of another president.Miscellaneous
His biography is titled 'Soldier and President.'Literature
He was the only president that never married.Miscellaneous
He is the only president to serve during the 20th Century and have his face on Mount Rushmore.Geography
At 5'4'' he was the shortest president.Just for Fun
He showed off his saxophone skills during his presidential campaign.Music
He played football for the Michigan Wolverines.Sports
This president shares a surname with one of the actresses from 'The Golden Girls.'Entertainment
His surname comes from an English variant for a man who makes and lays tiles.Language
The capital of Liberia is named for this president.Geography
He was the first president to have his inauguration broadcast on television.Television
He starred in films such as 'Knute Rockne,' 'Dark Victory,' and 'King's Row.'Movies
'The Birth of a Nation' was the first motion picture to be shown at the White House, and this president was one of the attendees at the event.Movies
The musical 'Hair' contains a song that is this president's three initials.Music
The 'separation of church and state' is a phrase coined by this president.Religion
While in office, he spearheaded the passing of the Kansas-Nebraska Act, opening up new territory for settlement.History
His 'Personal Memoirs' focus mostly on his actions as a general during the Civil War.Literature
The observance of Patriot Day was the result of a resolution signed by this president.Holiday
'Our American Cousin' was the last play this president ever saw.Entertainment
He was the first president to have his picture taken.Science
Although three presidents died on July 4, he was the only president who was born on Independence Day.Holiday
A famous legend about this president says that he once chopped down a cherry tree.Just for Fun
He was the first president to be impeached.History
The tallest mountain in North America is named for this president.Geography
This president shares a name with a famous San Francisco venue in which numerous famous live albums have been produced.Entertainment
This 19th Century president started the tradition of the White House's annual Easter Egg Roll.Holiday
He was the 29th president.Miscellaneous
He was the only president fluent in Mandarin Chinese.Language
He delivered the longest inauguration speech on record and served the shortest term as president.Just for Fun
He was the only Roman Catholic president.Religion
This president, once accused of using public funds to buy gaming devices, once spent a night at a White House ball playing chess with the fourth president.Gaming
As captain of the Yale baseball team, he played in the first two College World Series.Sports
With his appearance on 'The Tonight Show,' he became the first sitting president to be a guest on a late-night talk show.Television
He appeared as himself on an episode of 'Home Improvement.'Television
Believed to be the source of the phrase 'OK,' Old Kinderhook clubs were formed in support of his presidential campaign.Language
He was the first president to throw out the ceremonial first pitch at a Major League Baseball game.Sports
Charlton Heston played this president in 'The Buccaneer' and 'The President's Lady.'Movies
During this man's presidency, Utah was granted statehood after its Mormon population agreed to ban polygamy.Religion
He was the first president to have a Secretary of Agriculture in his Cabinet.Science
This president's paralysis was believed to have been caused by either polio or Guillain-Barré syndrome.Science

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