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Can you name the Car Brand Logos from their descriptions?

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a ram
a square with an 'H' in it
a circle with 3 shields inside
a gold bowtie
a circle with a thunderbolt in it
a rectange with 2 'R's in it
a curved square with a 'V' in it
2 words in a green oval
a circle with a green winged arrow inside
a curved triangle with 2 'M's in it
a horse on 2 legs in a yellow shield
an oval with a dash and an 'S' cutting through the middle
a shield with a horse in the middle and black and red stripes
2 chevrons
a big oval with two tiny ovals inside making a letter
2 wings with wording in the middle on a green rectangle
an 'S' with 2 strikes through it
a word in a blue oval
a rectangle with a cross inside
a jaguar
silver circle with an arrow and blue rectangle
3 diamonds in a triangle shape
an arrow pointing down
used to be a star with a pentagon in the backround
a mythical bird wearing a crown with its tounge sticking out in a blue circle
an oval with an italicized 'H' in it
blue and white vertical oval with a red trident
a blue oval with stars inside
a stylized 'A' in a curved square box
a circle with a dash in it
3 letters on a red oval
a black circle with a blue and white checkerboard inside it
a yellow circle with a green curve-tipped pointed triangle inside
4 letter word the 2 middle letters are the same
a 'B' with wings
silver 'L' in a oval
a circle with gold words, a red cross, and a green serpent
3 red letters
a bull inside a shield
an oval with an upsidedown 'V' in it
a 3 pointed star in a circle
four inter-linked circles
red oval with 60 dots along the outside and '3B' and a word inside
a wreath surrounding a crest
2 short wings with a word in it
a lion on two legs
a diamond
bird holding a flag
shield with a red and yellow checkered pattern inside
blue circle with 2 letters

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