Teams of AFC Fans roast

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Can you name the AFC teams by the roast of their fans?

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You drafted a QB with your first pick ever and then tried to get him killed for 5 years. Great plan!!!
Your best player changed his name and your claim to fame is getting owned by Joe Montana
The Black Hole must be where your wins and your owners sanity have gone
18-1... should have cracked out the cameras
Your coach is fat and talks too much... and get your own stadium
Your hero is a criminal and you wasted great defenses with an embarassing offense for 10 years.
Just keep watching that play hoping he'll reach for that one more yard.
Maybe your mediocrity would be bearable if people went to your games.
Chokers. And how old is your coach? 12?
The Sea of Red is just pathetic now. Can anyone name 3 players on this team?
You had one of the best QBs every and couldn't get him a ring? Maybe 90 degrees just isnt optimal football weather
You had nothing before your QB and once he retires you will be nothing again
Just move to Canada already. Losing 4 consecutive Super Bowls is just pathetic
Sure you win a lot, but only 1% of your fan base actually lives in your city or can name 5 players.
Congrats on your championships 50 years ago, I'm sure they're a great comfort since they were also you're last
Not even winning in division cupcake can help you get to the Super Bowl.

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