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Country, FilmDirector
Germany; Soul Kitchen
USA; Dark Horse
Brazil; The Motorcycle Diaries
England; Wuthering Heights
England; Memento
USA; Before Sunrise
England/USA; 12 Monkeys
USA; Zelig
USA; Out of Sight
USA; Gerry
Iran; Ten
USA; Fog of War
Canada; Eastern Promises
USA; Where the Wild Things Are
England; Bloody Sunday
USA; The Paperboy
France; Summer Hours
USA; I Heart Huckabees
France; La Haine
USA; Super 8
USA; Apocalypto
New Zealand; Shrek
France; Amélie
USA; The Exorcist
USA; The Age of Innocence
Ireland; In America
England; 24 Hour Party People
South Korea; 3-Iron
USA; Space Cowboys
USA; Jackie Brown
England; American Gangster
USA; World Trade Center
France; The Class
Austria; Caché
Germany; Run Lola Run
France; A Prophet
Japan; 13 Assassins
Taiwan/USA; Brokeback Mountain
French; The Science of Sleep
USA; Toy Story
USA; Burn After Reading
China; Hero
USA; Wall-E
Germany; Downfall
USA; The 25th Hour
USA; No Such Thing
Taiwan; The Flight of the Red Balloon
USA; Mission: Impossible
China; Hard Boiled
Iran; A Separation
Russia; Russian Ark
Mexico; Pan's Labyrinth
USA; Wonder Boys
Canada; In the Valley of Elah
USA; The Hurt Locker
USA; Zodiac
English; The Beach
Poland; The Ninth Gate
Sweden; The Cider House Rules
Germany/Switzerland; Finding Neverland
USA; (500) Days of Summer
USA; Corpse Bride
England; Revolutionary Road
USA; Rango
Canada; Avatar
USA; Forrest Gump
Country, FilmDirector
USA; Brick
England; The King's Speech
New Zealand; Killing Them Softly
Australia; Dead Poets Society
USA; Paul
Germany; Wings of Desire
USA; X-Men
Portugal; Word and Utopia
USA; Before Night Falls
USA; Ray
USA; Safe
Germany; Grizzly Man
USA; Supersize Me
England; The Hours
England; Happy-Go-Lucky
USA; Days of Heaven
USA; Funny People
Brazil; The Constant Gardener
USA; Somewhere
England; Snatch
Russia; Night Watch
USA; The Rock
France; Film Socialisme
USA; Magnolia
Germany; Troy
USA; Sicko
USA; Seabiscuit
Italy; The Son's Room
USA; Schindler's List
Australia; The Road
USA; It's Complicated
USA; Moneyball
Germany; Anonymous
USA; Chicago
Australia; Strictly Ballroom
England; Shakespeare in Love
USA; Chop Shop
France; Last Year at Marienbad
China; My Blueberry Nights
USA; Idiocracy
Mexico; Children of Men
USA; Wild at Heart
Romania; Beyond the Hills
France; Holy Motors
Denmark; The Celebration
Argentina; Irrevérsible
Turkey; Once Upon a Time in Anatolia
Denmark; Bronson
Mexico; Babel
South Korea; Oldboy
Serbia; Arizona Dream
USA; Dead Man
England; The House of Mirth
USA; Meek's Cutoff
Austria; Import Export
USA; Scream
Belgium; Lorna's Silence
USA; Election
Iran; Crimson Gold
USA; It Might Get Loud
USA; Angels and Demons
Thailand; Tropical Malady
USA; Iron Man
England; Kick-Ass
England; Man on Wire
USA; Greenberg
Sweden; Together
Country, FilmDirector
Israel/USA; The Messenger
USA; Take Shelter
England; Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
USA; The Expendables
Denmark; Love is All You Need
USA; Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
Sweden; Let the Right One In
USA; Buffalo '66
USA; The Town
Czech Republic; Alice
USA; The Silence of the Lambs
Northern Ireland; Henry V
USA; Michael Clayton
Japan; Outrage
USA; Museum Hours
Finland; The Man Without a Past
USA; Vanilla Sky
USA; Signs
Australia; The Crow
USA; Jane Eyre
Ireland; Hotel Rwanda
USA; Spider-Man
France; L'Illusioniste
USA; The Notebook
England; Looking for Eric
USA; Borat
USA; Zombieland
New Zealand; Heavenly Creatures
USA; Twilight
England; Atonement
USA; Mallrats
India; Immortals
USA/England; Get Him to the Greek
USA; Jeff Who Lives at Home
England; High Fidelity
USA; The Other Guys
England; The Three Musketeers
USA; The Hangover
USA; Smokin' Aces
Scotland; Ratcatcher
Canada; My Winnipeg
USA; There's Something About Mary
USA; The Avengers
Hungary; Being Julia
USA; Hancock
USA; Men in Black
Canada; Take this Waltz
USA; Speed Racer
Ireland; Michael Collins
USA; Half Nelson
England; Hunger
USA; Capturing the Friedmans
USA; Liberal Arts
Canada; I Shot Andy Warhol
Italy; Giallo
Canada; The Sweet Hereafter
USA; From Dusk Till Dawn
Austria; The Counterfeiters
USA; The Iron Giant
Spain; Volver
USA; Watchmen
China; 24 City
USA; Fantastic Mr. Fox
Denmark; Dogville
USA; The Devil's Rejects
Canada; Up in the Air

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