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breathe in! breathe outthe zone
who remains when the curtian falls?single/take to the skies
this is all i need to feel alivetake to the skies/single
where's you respecttake to the skies
there's something in the air tonighttake to the skies
belt up brotherscommon dreads
and i know that we still have timecommon dreads/single
look what you've done to yourselftake to the skies
ok i admit it we are totally lostsingle/tribalism
you can have skirting board shoescommon dreads
this is madnesscommon dreads
what would you rather be?nodding aquaintance
noone owns the oceans!one off single
and i long for you to appeartake to the skies
the herd is rowdycommon dreads
insert your coinsingle/take to the skies
we still have the element of surprisetake to the skies
we are a different speciessingle/tribalism
your lifes about to flash before your eyestake to the skies
go ahead and shoot ussorry your not a winner ep
how do like that boycommon dreads
awwwwwwwwwwtake to the skies
and yes granted we prospurecommon dreads
oh if i could kidnap that feelingcommon dreads
this is all i ever really wanted!single/the zone
well it looks like the end of time for our friends heretake to the skies
how f***ng cute is our ignorancecommon dreads
i swear i used to know younodding aquanitance
sun and sea can power ussingle/common dreads
we will not stay silenttribalism

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