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NicknameState (Postal Codes Acceptable)Other Nickname
The Constitution StateThe Nutmeg State/The Provisions State
The Peace Garden StateThe Flickertail State/Roughrider State
The Aloha State~
The Badger State~
The Garden State~
The Wolverine StateThe Great Lakes State
The Old Dominion StateThe Mother State
The Centennial StateColorful Colorado
The Beehive State~
The Yellowhammer State~
The Grand Canyon StateThe Copper State
The Pelican State~
The Evergreen State~
The Keystone State~
The Palmetto State~
The Gem StateGem of the Mountains
Land of 10,000 LakesThe North Star State
The Granite State~
The Bay StateThe Old Colony State
The Show Me State~
The Old North StateThe Tarheel State
The Hawkeye State~
Land Of Enchantment~
The Peach State~
The Sunflower State~
NicknameState (Postal Codes Acceptable)Other Nickname
The Buckeye State~
The Sunshine State~
The Ocean StateThe Plantation State
The Green Mountain~
The Magnolia State~
The Old Line State~
The Golden State~
The Hoosier State~
The Empire State~
The Treasure State~
The Volunteer StateThe Big Bend State/The Hog & Hominy State
The Sooner State~
Land Of The Midnight SunThe Last Frontier
The Prairie State~
The Cornhusker State~
The Pine Tree State~
The Mount Rushmore StateThe Coyote State
The Natural State~
The Mountain State~
The Equality State~
The Beaver State~
First StateThe Diamond State/The Blue Hen State
The Silver StateThe Sagebrush State
The Lone Star State~
The Bluegrass State~

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