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Unchained Avian (s)
Eternity in Youth (s)
Visual Organ of the golfer Woods (s)
Lemondark (a)
City Street to Heaven (a)
Iranian Cake (a)
Watching out for Enterprise (s)
Plastic Disease (Lightly tap my foot) (a)
Satan Kill the King (a)
Vacation in Kampuchea (s)
Hop (s)
Slain to Walk (a)
King Kong (a)
Dirt in the Breeze (s)
The Apocalypse is Occuring (And My Current Emotion is Contentment) (s)
Be clueless about my friend (a)
Jammu (a)
Just the Great Perish Juvenile (s)
Winged Mammal from the Inferno (s)
Whisper away from God (a)

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