250 Years of Inventions--When You Say?

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Can you name the the 20th century decades (e.g.1980s) or century (e.g.1800s) these items were invented in?

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InventionDecade or CenturyInventor
?Mary Phelps Jacob
?W.A. Burt
?James Russell
?Richard James
?Douglass Engelbart
?George Stephenson
?Alexander Cummings
?Thomas Edison
?John Pemberton
?Dunn & Wood
?Clarence Crane
?G. Washington
?Jesse Reno
?Alexander Bain
?Earle Dickson
?Alexander G. Bell
?Ray Fuller
?Percy Spencer
?Woodland & Silver
?Paul Cornu
?Richard Drew
?Samuel Slocum
?Charles Jung
?Arthur Fry
?Chester Carlson
?Ralph Schneider
?J.P. Knight
InventionDecade or CenturyInventor
?Alan Shugart
?Jacques Brandenberger
?William Kellogg
?Alessandro Volta
?Samuel Morse
?Carl Magee
?Scott Olson
?Rene Laennec
?Melville Bissell
?Charles Strite
?Apple, Inc
?Wallace Carothers
?Clarence Birdseye
?Heinrich Hertz
?Ramond Damadian
?Bette Nesmith Graham
?Knerr & Melin
?Alexander Parkes
?Philip Vaughan
?Peter Duran
?Conrad Ferdinand von Zeppelin
?Joseph Priestley
?Dr. J. Guillotin
?Walter Hunt
?Benjamin Franklin
?Georges Audemars
?John Walker
?King Camp Gillette

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