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Years and DenominationMore Information
.5 of a penny (1793-1857)Value of 1793- $2,325+
Penny (1793-1857)Value of 1793- $5,400+
Penny (1856-1858)Key Date: 1856
Penny (1859-1909)Key Date: 1877
Penny (1909-1958)1943 is made of steel
Penny (1959-2008)1959-1982 is made of copper, 1983-present is made out of zinc
Penny (2009)4 different designs
Penny (2010-Present)
2 Pennies (1864-1873)
3 Pennies (1851-1889)1851-1873 made of silver, 1865-1889 made of nickel
5 cents (1794-1837)Key Date: 1794
5 cents (1837-1873)1853 O with no arrows- $800
Nickel (1866-1883)Key Date: 1880
Nickel (1883-1913)Key Date: 1885
Nickel (1913-1938)1937- Three Legged worth $423+
Nickel (1939-Present)Key Date: 1950 D
Dime (1796-1837)
Dime (1837-1891)
Dime (1892-1916)
Dime (1916-1945)Key Date: 1916-D
Dime (1946-Present)1946-1964 made of 90% silver
Quarter (1796-1838)
Years and DenominationMore Information
Quarter (1838-1891)
Quarter (1892-1916)
Quarter (1916-1930)Key Date: 1916
Quarter (1932-1998)1932-1964 made of 90% silver
Quarter (1999-2008)
Quarter (2009)District of Colombia was the first
Quarter (2010-Present)First one: Hot Springs
Half Dollar (1796-1839)
Half Dollar (1839-1891)
Half Dollar (1892-1916)
Half Dollar (1916-1947)Key Date: 1921 D
Half Dollar (1948-1963)Last half dollar series to be made of silver
Half Dollar (1964-Present)
Dollar (1794-1803)
Dollar (1840-1873)
Dollar (1878-1921)Key Date: 1895
Dollar (1921-1935)Key Date: 1921
Dollar (1971-1978)Not made of silver: Fewest minted: 1973
Dollar (1979-1981,1999)
Dollar (2000-Present)
Dollar (2007-Present)
Silver Dollar (1986-Present)1 ounce of silver

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