States by Margin of Victory (2008)

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Margin of VictoryStateCandidate
85.93%Barack Obama
45.27%Barack Obama
37.01%Barack Obama
27.80%Barack Obama
26.69%Barack Obama
25.81%Barack Obama
25.45%Barack Obama
25.14%Barack Obama
24.99%Barack Obama
24.06%Barack Obama
22.37%Barack Obama
17.33%Barack Obama
17.17%Barack Obama
16.47%Barack Obama
16.35%Barack Obama
15.57%Barack Obama
15.13%Barack Obama
13.91%Barack Obama
12.50%Barack Obama
10.32%Barack Obama
10.24%Barack Obama
9.61%Barack Obama
9.54%Barack Obama
8.95%Barack Obama
6.30%Barack Obama
4.54%Barack Obama
Margin of VictoryStateCandidate
2.81%Barack Obama
1.04%Barack Obama
0.32%Barack Obama
0.14%John McCain
2.26%John McCain
5.21%John McCain
8.41%John McCain
8.52%John McCain
8.63%John McCain
8.97%John McCain
11.77%John McCain
13.12%John McCain
13.18%John McCain
14.93%John McCain
14.96%John McCain
15.07%John McCain
16.23%John McCain
18.63%John McCain
19.86%John McCain
21.53%John McCain
21.58%John McCain
25.43%John McCain
28.17%John McCain
31.30%John McCain
32.23%John McCain

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