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Name A...Place
US state with an official language other than English (in other words, an officially bilingual state)
U.S. Four Corners State
Landlocked nation in South America
Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China
City that is also a sovereign nation
Nordic country
Greater Antilles island nation
Nation that gained independence in 2011
Nation currently suspended from the Commonwealth of Nations
Nation with a population over 200,000,000
Name A...Place
Nation that is an enclave (completely surrounded by a single country)
Nation with an 8,000-meter peak
Nation in the British Isles
Baltic nation
Doubly landlocked nation
Sporcle-recognized nation that is not a UN member
Nation of the Malay Archipelago
Nation that is Sporcle's favorite (no further explanation needed)
Canadian territory
Sovereign state in free association with the United States

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