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Which city is not in Germany? Choices: Frankfurt, Berlin, Strasbourg, Dresden
Which country has a population below 100 million? Choices: United States, Mexico, Germany, Bangladesh
Which country is not home to an 8,000-meter peak? Choices: India, Pakistan, China, Mongolia
Which country is not a transcontinental country? Choices: Russia, Egypt, Israel, Turkey
Which U.S. state does not touch the ocean? Choices: New Hampshire, Oregon, Vermont, New Jersey
Which city is not the capital of any country? Choices: Kampala, Washington, Islamabad, Sydney
Which city is not one of the ten largest in the United States? Choices: San Jose, Houston, Phoenix, San Francisco
Which country is not one of the 196 Sporcle-recognized countries? Choices: Taiwan, Kosovo, Kurdistan, South Sudan
Which country is not located on the equator? Choices: Equatorial Guinea, Brazil, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Gabon
Which country does not touch the Arctic Circle? Choices: Denmark, Canada, United Kingdom, Sweden

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