Mario Games in 8 Words

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Can you name the Mario Games by the 8 Words?

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Bowser steals Power Stars, traps Toads in castle
Bowser traps Yoshi's friends inside of Dinosaur Land
Mini Marios rescue Pauline, is Mario that lazy?
Bowser inhales Mario Bros., who finally defeat Fawful
Pauline is kidnapped, angry monkey likes throwing barrels
Bowser Jr. decides to invade the Baseball Kingdom
Bros. are kidnapped, Peach has to save them
Ghostly King Boo traps Mario inside of a painting
Wario finds a music box, releases evil clown
Peach and Bowser marry, Chaos Heart is formed
Super Leaves in Mushroom Kingdom, Dry Bowser returns
The Comet Observatory speeds to center of universe

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