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Shapeshifting Pig
Son of the Saiyan Prince
Wife of Hero
3 Eyed Warrior
Namekian Dragon
Chubby Samurai
Old Guardian of Earth
Dragon of Earth
Keeper of Senzu Beans
Shapeshifting Cat
Ruler of Northern Galaxy
Hero's Son
Blue Haired Scientist
Hero's 2nd Son
Genie Servant
Purple ruler of the Eastern Universe
New Guardian of Earth
Old Witch
Former Namekian Villian
Clown-like Psychic
Redhead Robotic Giant
Saiyan Prince
Large Pink Demon
Blonde Cyborg
Wimpy World Champion
1/4 Saiyan Grandaughter
Hero's Best Friend
Reincarnation of Pink Demon
Desert Vagabond
Main Hero
Ancient Teacher
Daughter of World Champion

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