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Forced Order
Famous WorksDesignerNationality
John F. Kennedy Federal Office Building, Pan Am Building, BauhausGerman
Savoy Vase, Paimio ChairFinnish
The Geller House I, UNESCO headquartersHungarian
Standen, Red House, BexleyheathBritish
Airliner Number 4, Futurama, Mark I ComputerAmerican
Red and Blue Chair, Schröder HouseDutch
Barcelona Pavilion, Tugendhat House, Seagram BuildingGerman / American
Famous WorksDesignerNationality
Bibendum chair, Vacation Centre for Pavilion des Temps NouveauxIrish
'Western Electric 302' tabletop telephone, Hoover 'Model 150' vacuum cleaner, Honeywell T87 thermostatAmerican
(Name) Desk and Storage Units, La chaise, Molded plywood splintAmerican
Gateway Arch, Tulip chairFinish / American
Stratocruiser's passenger aircraft interior, 'Beau Brownie', Texaco Gas StationsAmerican
Villa Savoye, Notre Dame du Haut, Saddam Hussein GymnasiumSwiss / French
Model T, Model AAmerican

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