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There is a lady all in white,/ Holds me and sings a lullaby
Harmony and understanding/ Sympathy and trust abounding
Her face is exquisite I suppose, but no more exquisite than a rose is.
And you ask me why I love her/ Through wars, death and despair
Once I was happily content to be/ As I was, where I was
It starts off soft and low/ And ends up with a kiss
Far, far away, someone was weeping/ But the world was sleeping
We've taken to you so strong/ It's clear we're going to get along
We'll apply your inclination/ To one old buffoon
Oh, how could there possibly be/ One small person as thoroughly, totally, uttlerly blah as me
Home is an empty dream/ Lost to the night
Ain't it just great, ain't it just grand?/ We've got each other!
Thou hast always been with me,/ Though we have been always apart.
No one's gonna hurt you,/ No one's gonna dare.
How I care, how I care, how I care/ And I'll stop./ And I'll stare.
And though I used to care,/ I need the open air.
It's only just out of reach,/ Down the block, on a beach,/ Under a tree.
Feel the early morning madness/ Feel the magic in the making
A dream that will need/ All the love you can give
He had that look you very rarely find/ The haunting, hunted kind.
Caring too much is such a juvenile fancy./ Learning to trust is just for children in school.
'Cause you can't stop the motion of the ocean/ Or the rain from above

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