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shot herself
she disappeared and turned up on Wisteria Lane
cut off her own thumb
wrote a blackmailing letter
his mother was electrocuted
crazy lady in the supermarket
the flirt
the gardener
Her mum died in a supermarket
lived on the street
nephew of the flirt
he's a plumber
was taken in by the solis family
started a fire
has a son called MJ
went blind
published a cookbook
cheated with his secretary
locked in the basement
the handyman
was strangled and then burned
was a model
taken back to canada
played the piano
mother shot herself, father went to jail
went to jail, his wife died
loves her cat
died in a supermarket
has a half-brother called MJ
was in a porn film
has the same name as her grandmother
had a tatoo on his shoulder
worked for the red-head
englishman who had a wife called Jane
suspected paedophile
taken up in the hurricane
gave birth on halloween
gay man with an ugly fountain
the pharmacist
a policeman
was crushed by a wardrobe
Ran for mayor
her daughters are called Lucy and Lydia
her son is the stealer
got orgasms from massages
the doctor who was pushed off a bridge
these two are brothers
the father of twins
was killed by the Pharmacist
never gets divorced
worked at the pizzeria
Elderly resident
kept her money in a teddy bear
gay man with an ugly fountain

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