Species Interactions

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Can you name the types of interactions that can exist between two species?

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One species benefits and the other species is not affectedOrchids growing on a tree but leaving it unharmed
One species benefits by killing the other speciesA lion killing an antelope for food
One species benefits at the other's expense but both species remain alive.Tapeworms live inside their hosts, consuming everything the host eats
Two species compete for resources, usually resulting in survival of the fittest.Two different species of birds live in the same area and therefore live in different areas of a tree to partition resources
Both species benefitBees use pollen from flowers to produce honey and flowers use bees to pollinate one another
One species suffers and the other species is not affectedThe black walnut tree releases a chemical that kills nearby plants.
One species benefits by feeding off dead organisms in another speciesVultures feeding off of dead organisms

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