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Rizzo- 'Terrific. Captured by crazed wild pigs and...'
Rizzo- 'He's some kind of blind fiend' Gonzo- 'I believe...'
Gonzo- 'I thought pirates had talking parrots as pets' Silver- '...'
Polly - 'I could have been a lawyer...'
Jim- 'That's the raging volcano? He's a frog' Gonzo- 'Hey, hey...'
Statler- 'Waldorf, you old fool! we're heros! We saved the pig and the frog' Waldorf- 'Well...'
Squire Trelawney- 'Oh, Mr. Bimbo...'
Mr. Arrow- 'Boogie, boogie, boogie...'
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Billy Bones- 'Aye. But aslo, beware...'
Mudwell the Mudbunny- 'Dead Tom's dead! Long John shot him!' Walleyed Pike- 'But...'
Rat- 'You wanna knock it off with the booze?...'
Gonzo- 'Rizzo! You lost all the bullets!' Rizzo- 'Well...'
Trelawny doorman- 'The squire's in Long Neddry for the grouse season. He will return...
Mr. Arrow- 'Is he bad tempered?...'
Mrs. Bluberidge- 'And tomorrow we'll have roast suckling...'
Long John-'You tore a page from...

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