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Can you name the Significant Figures/Answers?

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Forced Order
Values/DirectionsSig Figs/AnswerQuestion
1200How many S.F?
0.0045Round to 2 S.F
Give answer to appropriate number of Sig FigsA square has an area of 67 cm^2. Find the length of one of the sides
4.001How many S.F?
89000Round to 1 S.F
23,000,000The world's oceans contain about 23 million cubic kilometers of water. If this water were made into a giant ice cube what would be the approximate length of a side?
Linda has an approximate heart rate of 83 beats per minuteHow many beats will Lindy's heart make during her expected life-span of 78 years? (365 days in a year)
The radius of a planet has been estimated to be 4720000000 metersWrite in Standard Form
0.347Round to 2 S.F
Values/DirectionsSig Figs/AnswerQuestion
0.00340How many S.F?
56720Round to 2 S.F
Give answer to appropriate level of accuracyA painting is 787mm wide and 679mm high. What is the length of the diagonal?
0.00452How many S.F?
xyIf x=3.8 X 10^3. y=5.7 X 10^-3. & z=9.1 X 10^5. evaluate:
67.4500How many S.F?
0.0453Round to 2 S.F
2.526Round to 2 S.F
34.52How many S.F?

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