Lionel Hutz

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Can you name the trivia about unqualified Simpsons lawyer Lionel Hutz?

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Voice actor
Season in which Hutz first appeared
Law firm
Location within Springfield
Slogan (though that bar assn. logo shouldn't be there)
Name one of Hutz's other jobs
Name one of Hutz's free gifts to clients
Ran over Judge Snyder's ___
Part in Oh, Streetcar!
Bourbon description
Celebrity AA sponsor
Preferred 9:30 a.m. beverage
Preferred necktie knot
Preferred hair-combing utensil
Believes Clarence Darrow was the black guy on this TV show
Kinds of evidence
Hutz describes this as a bad court thingy
Won case against Satan over possession of this:
Won case over this cartoon character's origin
Won all-you-can-eat case against this restaurant
Recipient of $500 settlement over jagged metal Krusty-O
Executor of these estates
New identity after burning personal papers
Final season for speaking roles

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