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AccomplishmentsName of MathematicianNationality
invented calculus and binary numbers; helped establish boolean algebra and symbolic logicGerman
best known for his two incompleteness theoremsAustrian
known for his 'Eureka moment'; accurately estimated piSyracusan Greek
invented calculus; generalized the binomial theorem; three laws of motionEnglish
proved infinitude of prime numbers; wrote the textbook on geometry called ElementsAlexandrian Greek
proved the Taniyama-Shimura conjecture; corollary of that result established Fermat's Last TheoremBritish
known for his 'little theorem'; stated his 'Last Theorem'; discovered methods for finding maxima and minima of functionsFrench
introduced the modern notation for e; linked four of math's most important constantsSwiss
'Prince of Mathematicians'; came up with a formula for summation of a seriesGerman

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