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Desert's descriptionName of DesertLocation
Australia's largest desert and sixth largest in the worldSouthwestern Australia
triangular desert that covers southern half of IsraelIsrael
world's second largest desert; contains Atlas Mountains and the SahelNorthern Africa
name means 'Empty Quarter'; known for world's largest oil field and the GhawarArabian Peninsula
known for colorful, banded rock formations; shared by Grand Canyon and Petrified Forest National ParksNorthern Arizona
Dry barren plateau that is more steppe than desertSouth America across Chile and Argentina
world's largest desert; covered with solid water; tallest mountain is Vinson Massif; active volcano Mount Erebusthis would give the answer away
Desert's descriptionName of DesertLocation
largest desert of Asiamostly in Saudi Arabia
extremely cold, sandy desert known for splitting the Silk Road into branches; bounded by Kunlun, Pamir, and Tian Shan mountain rangesChina
known for its red sand, large game reserves, and mineral depositsBotswana, Namibia, South Africa
the driest (hot) desert of the world; part of the Andes Mountain RangeChile
Ninth largest desert in the world; part of Western DesertWestern Australia
contains Death Valley; associated with the Joshua TreeUnited States
Asia's second largest desert; known for role in Silk Road trading route and the Nemegt BasinChina and Mongolia

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