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Can you name the Aliases from A Song of Ice and Fire??

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NameAliasOther Info
Brienne the ______Brienne Tarth
Loras Tyrellof House Tyrell
Oberyn MartellPrincess Elia's brother
Vargo Hoat the ____Leader of the Brave Companions
Dareonof the Night's Watch
Jaime LannisterJaime Lannister
Bran the ____founder of House Stark
Gregor Cleganeof Clegane
Garlan the _____of House Tyrell
Tyrion the ____Tyrion Lannister
Robb StarkRobb Stark
Aerys Targaryenking before Robert Baratheon
Maegor the ____Maegor Targaryen
Sansa Starkher new name after her escape from King's Landing
Jon SnowAlliser Thorne's endearing name to Snow
DavosDavos Seaworth
Garth the _____of House Tyrell
Brave Companionsled by Vargo Hoat
King TorrhenLast King of the North, of House Stark
Qhorin ____of the Night's Watch
Robert Baratheonfrom Dany's POV
Aegon I the ____Aegon I Targaryen
Sam the ____after a courageous feat at the North
Ser Arthur DayneArthur Dayne
Daenerys the _______She got the name after Daenerys was born as a fierce storm struck in Dragonstone
NameAliasOther Info
Queen Alysannevisited the Wall
Alysane MormontMormont
Theon _____Theon Greyjoy got the name for betraying the Starks
Ser Brynden the ____Brynden Tully
MelisandreStannis Baratheon's red shadow
Viserys TargaryenDany's Brother
Gendry named after his helm
VarysMaster of Whisperers
Barristan the ____fired by Joffrey for being 'too old'
AeronAeron Greyjoy
Petyr BaelishMaster of Coin
Sandor Cleganeof Clegane
Aegor Riversobviously a bastard
Lollys StokeworthDaughter of Tanda Stokeworth
ManceMance Rayder
Baelor the ____Baelor I Targaryen
Catelyn TullyShe took up the name after her revival
Brynden Riversobviously a bastard
Olenna Redwyneof the Highgarden
Valsister of Mance's wife
Jeor MormontLord Commander
Euron Euron Greyjoy
Tarle the ____an Ironman, I would've guessed
Lothar Frey
Roose BoltonRoose Bolton

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