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the first lion king
he is the very first and largest lion king 
the second lion king
short temepered, but loving to mufasa 
the third lion king
the wisest of the kings and as hot tempered as his father 
the fourth lion king
agressive and jealous 
the fifth lion king
the gentle hearted and loyal to the good 
Scar's real name
this got changed when mufasa gave him his scar 
his mother
gentle and good natured 
Simba's mother
aging but still brave 
Simba's mate
fun to be with and very brave 
Her mother
Nala's best friend and always cheerful 
Simba and Nala's son
Killed at a very early age, possibly by Zira. he is the reason simba is so protective of his daughter 
His sister
Simba's pride and joy and a huge mischief maker, but also a peace maker 
Her mate
raised in evil but turned to good by gentle kiara 
His brother
insane and jealous of 'the chosen one' 
their sister
loyal to her mother, but turned good by kiara and kovu 
her mother
enraged by scar's death that she thinks is simba's fault, she doesn't change heart until it's too late 

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