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Ted attended which university?
Ted was the inspiration for a lead character in which movie?
After attending his mom's second wedding, what did a really upset Ted buy?
What is Ted's baggage?
What does the other 'Ted Mosby' do?
For a long time, every Halloween Ted would go looking for a girl dressed as what?
Name Ted's college room mate
What is Ted's biggest goal in life?
When Ted gets older he sounds a lot like...
What is Ted's middle name?
Ted was once set up with a woman he thought was a prostitute. What was she really?
Ted once broke up with the same girl on two different occasions, both of which happened on what day?
For a while, Ted tried to go by the nickname of Teddy...
Ted enjoys watching this news segment with Marshall in the mornings, starring Sandy Rivers
What was Ted's secret radio identity?
As an act of charity during Thanksgiving, Ted once paid for a homeless man to get what?
Ted lays claim to being 'vomit free since...'
Ted almost stopped Stuart and Claudia's wedding over a dispute about what?
Ted's mom has a rule that says nothing good ever happens after...
What is Ted's area of work?
What does Ted's doppelganger do?
What ritual did Ted perform to get Robin to not go on her company camping trip and get back together with him?
Ted always tries to pull these off
Ted was once beaten up by this animal.
Ted is played by actor
What was Ted's own architecture firm called?
Ted was a lecturer in architecture but also gave classes in what other subject?
Ted got a 'tramp stamp' tattoo of what?
Ted has a website that's all about him. What's it called?
How many parties did Ted arrange to get Robin to come over?
What did his friends stage an intervention for Ted for?
On his first date with Robin, Ted potentially ruins it by doing what?
After a wild night, of which he had little memory, Ted once woke up with Trudy and what kind of fruit?
At times, Ted's friends find him to be a little...

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