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Used to describeAdjective
Uma Thurman's husband
Mr Ripley
The suspects selected by a Mr Soze
Bruce Willis as security guard, David Dunne
Chow Yun-Fat's Monk
Judd Apatow's kind of people
Mr Fox
Those Baker Boys
Halle Berry's stranger
Jake La Motta
The Dragon, accompanied by a crouching tiger
Jamie Lee Curtis, John Cleese and Kevin Kline's Creatures
things like Neve Campbell and Denise Richards
Cher and Dionne
Used to describeAdjective
Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett
A day in the life of George Clooney and Michelle Pfeiffer
A group of seven professional gunmen
Woody Harrelson's killers
Jack Black is trying to save his friend from this kind of woman
Tom Hanks' character in Seattle
Miss Sunshine
A Clint Eastwood river
Adaptation of Ian McEwan Love
Woody Harrelson's proposal
The case of Benjamin Button
The red line in WWII
Girls at school
A Lake in an alligator movie

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