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Used to describeAdjective
A Lake in an alligator movie
The Dragon, accompanied by a crouching tiger
Those Baker Boys
Jamie Lee Curtis, John Cleese and Kevin Kline's Creatures
The suspects selected by a Mr Soze
Adaptation of Ian McEwan Love
things like Neve Campbell and Denise Richards
Woody Harrelson's killers
Bruce Willis as security guard, David Dunne
The red line in WWII
Uma Thurman's husband
The case of Benjamin Button
Girls at school
Used to describeAdjective
Judd Apatow's kind of people
Jack Black is trying to save his friend from this kind of woman
Halle Berry's stranger
Jake La Motta
Cher and Dionne
Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett
Miss Sunshine
Woody Harrelson's proposal
Mr Ripley
Mr Fox
A day in the life of George Clooney and Michelle Pfeiffer
A Clint Eastwood river
Tom Hanks' character in Seattle
A group of seven professional gunmen
Chow Yun-Fat's Monk

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