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Proteinase activation is necessary for which 2 mediators?
What inhibits MMPs?
Which 2 cytokines do macrophages produce?
What is in the triple ressonse?
What compound is released from sensroy neurones that contribute to redness and swelling?
What does MMP stand for?
Which 3 groups of mediators are produced from lipid membranes?
What causes activates the transcription of inflammatory genes such as NFkB?
Cycles of hypoxia and reperfusion are known as what?
Give an example of a pre-formed mediator of acute inflammation.
Which metal to MMPs required?
True or false. Cartilage is not a shock absorber.
Cartilage: the collagen fibres are surrounded by a matrix of what?
True or false? Bone erosion occurs in Rheumatoid Arthritis.
Histamine is involved in the control of what (nothing to do with inflammation)?
Which breaks down faster? Proteoglycan or collagen.
Which part of the MMP structure is important for substrate specificity and regulation?
which enzyme is involved in the production of leukotrienes?
What catalyses superoxide production?
Which enzme is involved in arachidonic acid production?

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