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What class of drug is Fuzeon?
What does HSV stand for?
Expression of what is increased during HIV infection?
What is the risk of developing active TB in HIV infected individuals?
Give an example of a NNRTI.
Which drug binds to CCR-5?
What is the target of NRTIs?
Which Co-receptor when mutated (as in some europeans) leads to HIV resistance?
Which immune cell is deficient in HIV?
What does HAART stand for?
Decreased proliferation of CD4+ T cells is seen in HIV. True or false?
HIV decreases the rate of progression from latent to active TB, true of false?
Does TB increase or decrease the rate of HIV replication?
What does CMV stand for?
Name a major cause of death in those under going HAART.
Give an example of pro-inflammatory cytokine elevated during HIV infection.
Give an example of a NRTI
Name the 2 surface glycoproteins of HIV.
What is the target of NNRTIs?
What is the mode of action of NRTIs?

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