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What does HAART stand for?
Which drug binds to CCR-5?
What does CMV stand for?
Expression of what is increased during HIV infection?
What does HSV stand for?
Name a major cause of death in those under going HAART.
Does TB increase or decrease the rate of HIV replication?
What is the target of NNRTIs?
Give an example of pro-inflammatory cytokine elevated during HIV infection.
What is the risk of developing active TB in HIV infected individuals?
Which immune cell is deficient in HIV?
Give an example of a NRTI
What class of drug is Fuzeon?
Give an example of a NNRTI.
Which Co-receptor when mutated (as in some europeans) leads to HIV resistance?
What is the target of NRTIs?
What is the mode of action of NRTIs?
Decreased proliferation of CD4+ T cells is seen in HIV. True or false?
HIV decreases the rate of progression from latent to active TB, true of false?
Name the 2 surface glycoproteins of HIV.

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