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Are Th1 or Th2 cells responsible for protective immunity?
Protein Kinase A (PKA) results in the opening of which ion channel?
Increased epithelial permeability results in what?
True or false? Hyperresponsiveness can occur due to an decrease in excitatory nerve activity.
How to reactive oxygen species contribute to asthma?
What does PEFR stand for?
Which cell of the immune system is commonly measured to determine the impact of an asthma medication?
Ipatropium is a what?
Theophylline is a what?
Which endogenous substances increase vascular permeability?
Do M2 receptors cause bronchodilation or bronchoconstriction?
Does substance P cause bronchodilation or bronchoconstriction?
What does NANC stand for?
Which 2 cytokines facilitate eosinphil accumulation in tissues?
Autonomic stimulation of excitatory receptors leads to an intracellular increase of which ion?
Is anti-allergy therapy effective in asthma?
What activates myosin light chain causing constriction?
Give an example of a leukotriene antagonist.
True or false? Increased levels of cAMP result in bronchodilation.
Name 2 groups of smooth muscle growth regulators.

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