Gem Stones

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Red Corundum 
Blue Corundum 
A Fossil 
Calcium Carbonate Skeleton 
Formerly Wood 
Also Calcium Carbonate 
Blue-Green Beryl 
Green Beryl 
Colorless Beryl 
Golden Beryl 
Pink/Rose Beryl 
Red Beryl 
Banded (Chalcedony) 
Purple Quartz 
White or Pale Blue Quartzy 
Gold/Yellow Quartz 
Brown/Red Chalcedony 
Agate with Regular Bands 
Pink/Rose Quartz 
Exhibits Chatoyancy 
Other Gems
Hardest Gem 
January's Birthstone 
Magnetic; Was Once Used in Mirrors 
Includes Nephrite 
Intense Blue Rock 
Room in the Hermitage--And a Butterfly--Named After It. 
An Opalescent Orthoclase 
Volcanic Glass 
Composed of Spheres 
A type of Olivine 
Name Means 'Little Thorn' 
Birthstone for November and December 
Comes in Many Colors, Including Watermelon 
Opaque Blue Green Mineral 
Colorless Variety Resembles Diamonds 

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