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Can you name the Book Title by the Character Identified by the Title?

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CharacterBook Title
Patrick Bateman
Elizabeth Short
Alyosha, Dmitry, and Ivan
Francie Brady
Holden Caulfield
Mark Sway
Alex (aka Alex The Large or Your Humble Narrator)
Frederick Clegg aka Caliban
Edmond Dantes
Dr. Jonathan Hullah
Ladislaus de Almasy
Father Lankester Merrin
The Blue Man, The Captain, Ruby, Marguerite, Tala
Sarah Woodruff
Lisbeth Salander
Vito Corleone
Edward Ashburnham
Benjamin Braddock
Bilbo Baggins
Tom Booker
Bob Gray aka Pennywise the Dancing Clown
Oliver Mellors
CharacterBook Title
Natty Bumpo
Don Fabrizio Corbera, Prince of Salina
Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy
Frankie Machine
Jack Aubrey
Michael Henchard then Donald Farfrae
Binx Bolling
Bigger Thomas
King Arthur
Ponyboy, Sodapop, Two-Bit
Erika Kohut
Florentyna Kane
Michael Berg
Adolf Verloc
The Father, The Mother, The Son, The Stepdaughter, The Boy, The Child
Alec Leamas
Valentine Michael Smith
Athos, Porthos, and Aramis
Dr. Primrose
Ozymandias, Silk Spectre, Doctor Manhattan, The Comedian, Nite Owl, Rorschach
Anne Catherick

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