Characters in Disney's Finding Nemo

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Appears as a:NameVoice Actor
ClownfishAlbert Brooks
ClownfishAlexander Gould
ClownfishElizabeth Perkins
Pacific Regal Blue TangEllen DeGeneres
Moorish IdolWillem Dafoe
PufferfishBrad Garrett
StarfishAllison Janney
Royal GrammaAustin Pendleton
Yellow TangStephen Root
Four-striped DamselfishVicki Lewis
Four-striped DamselfishVicki Lewis
Pacific Cleaner ShrimpJoe Ranft
Appears as a:NameVoice Actor
Brown PelicanGeoffrey Rush
Green Sea TurtleAndrew Stanton
Green Sea TurtleBrad Bird
Spotted Eagle RayBob Peterson
Great White SharkBarry Humphries
Hammerhead SharkEric Bana
Mako SharkBruce Spence
Yellow Longnose ButterflyfishJordy Ranft
Flapjack OctopusErica Beck
SeahorseErik Per Sullivan
HumanBill Hunter
HumanLuLu Ebeling

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