Capitals of Former Empires

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Can you name the capitals of former empires?

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Austro-hungarian EmpireCentral Europe
Ottoman EmpireEast Mediterranean Sea Area
Polynesian EmpirePacific Islands
Babylonian EmpireMiddle East
Byzantine EmpireEastern Mediterranean Sea Area
Kushan EmpireSouth Asia
Massina EmpireWest Africa
Latin EmpireEastern Mediterranean Sea Area
Ouaddai EmpireEaast Africa
Mongol EmpireCentral Asia/Eastern Europe
Persian EmpireMiddle East
Roman EmpireMediterranean Sea Area
Aztec EmpireNorth America
Incan EmpireSouth America
Khmer EmpireSouth East Asia
Iroquois EmpireNorth America
Songhai EmpireWest Africa
Nicaean EmpireEastern Mediterranean Sea Area
Athenian EmpireEastern Europe
Arabian EmpireMiddle East

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