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Who discovered different types of blood?
Where is it illegal to drink beer out of a bucket on a curb?
Major island west of Chile
Meaning of life
Singer of 'Gangnam Style'
If humans evolve, this will be our scientific name
Animal which sleeps while it flies
Spiderman's most known enemy
Middle name of William H. Harrison
Only primate without pigment in the palm
Billionth digit of pi
Only mammal that can't jump
Only 15-letter word without repeating letters
Only animal that decides what gender it wanats to be
No. 32 on the Florida Panthers' last name
Most common 8-letter password
Flavor of Jell-O that flopped
Only ZZ Top member without a beard
Threepeater's (Plants vs Zombies plant) favorite number
103 on the Periodic Table of the Elements

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