Pikmin: The Forest Navel Trivia

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How many parts are required to enter this area?
What new pikmin do you find in this area?
What is there special ability?
How many parts are there in this area?
How many parts are required in this level?
How many bosses are in this area?
Which Boss has the guard satellite in?
Which boss has the omega stabilizer in it?
Which enemy is the space float in?
Which enemies guard the anti dioxin filter?
What color are these enemies?
how many guard the part itself?
There are lots of wall to break down in this level. How many are actually necessarry to destroy?
What type of pikmin is usually chosen to carry the parts back to the ship in this level?
What part falls off of the edge due to a certain glitch in the game?
how many bridges are there to unroll in the area?
Which part is in the same general area as the libra?
What do your pikmin grow on their head if they inhale the puffy toadstool's poison gas?
How many letters are in the name of the part that looks like a spring?
Which boss in this area does not return in the Pikmin two

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