Henry and Nameet: Drunk or Sober?

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Can you name the state that Nameet and Henry were in when they did these activities?

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ActivityDrunk or SoberWho
Made a toffee apple on 4 different floors of the Halls of Residence, in a microwave, in a mugN
Ate cereal with liquor in the milkH
Drank washing-up liquidH + N
Ate a tampon (clean)N
Stole an onionH
Sang the Coco Pops theme to the Black Eyed PeasN
Carried a drunk 22-year old upstairs in a Sainsbury's crateH + N
Rearranged door name-tagsH + N
Actively learnt the phrase 'F*** you, the lion is in the garden, I'm drunk'H
Made dogging signs for the kitchenH + N
Forced flat-mate to decide whether or not to kill Troy Davies before she could return to bedH + N
ActivityDrunk or SoberWho
Wouldn't go to bed because he didn't trust DemocratsN
Stole signs from other Halls of ResidenceH + N
Attempted to catch cherries in mouth, being dropped 7 floors?H + N
Created a fire hazard in the hallwayH + N
Moved to their own room, in someone else's filled laundry basket to put on contact lensesH
Made a man out of two rotten potatoesH + N
Went to five shops around South Kensington asking for ''sugar cubes'H + N
Screamed '[WARDEN] is a b****'. We think they heardH + N
Made this quizH + N
Washing up liquid fightH

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