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Can you name the mascots for the Big 4 (US) Sports Teams (with bonus answers)?

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Columbus Blue Jackets
Vancouver Canucks
Florida Marlins
Detroit Lions
Washington Nationals
Calgary Flames
Philadelphia 76ers
St. Louis Blues
Seattle Mariners
San Diego Padres
Charlotte Bobcats
Boston Bruins
New Jersey Devils
Buffalo Bills
Buffalo Sabres
Minnesota Vikings
Oakland Athletics
Oklahoma City Thunder
Tennessee Titans
Phoenix Coyotes
Philadelphia Phillies
Toronto Maple Leafs
Florida Panthers
Ottawa Senators
Detroit Pistons
Washington Wizards
Portland Trail Blazers
Dallas Cowboys
Atlanta Falcons
Toronto Raptors
Minnesota Timberwolves
Arizona Cardinals
Nashville Predators
Golden State Warriors
Detroit Red Wings
Indiana Pacers
Seattle Seahawks
Boston Red Sox
Chicago Blackhawks
Indianapolis Colts
Baltimore Orioles
Cleveland Browns
Kansas City Royals
San Antonio Spurs
Milwaukee Brewers
Pittsburgh Penguins
Denver Broncos
Toronto Blue Jays
Houston Rockets
Cincinnati Reds
Baltimore Ravens
Montreal Canadiens
Texas Rangers
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Phoenix Suns
St. Louis Cardinals
Denver Nuggets
Anaheim Ducks
New York Mets
Jacksonville Jaguars
Chicago Bears
Kansas City Chiefs
Los Angeles Kings
Miami Heat
Tampa Bay Rays
Dallas Mavericks
Milwaukee Bucks
San Francisco 49ers
New York Islanders
Tampa Bay Lightning
Orlando Magic
Pittsburgh Steelers
Atlanta Hawks
Cincinnati Bengals
Atlanta Braves
San Francisco Giants
Houston Texans
Houston Astros
Cleveland Cavaliers
Atlanta Thrashers
Minnesota Twins
Minnesota Vikings
Boston Celtics
Chicago Bulls
Washington Capitals
Pittsburgh Pirates
Arizona Diamondbacks
Colorado Avalanche
New Jersey Nets
New Orleans Hornets
San Jose Sharks
Minnesota Wild
Carolina Panthers
Detroit Tigers
Miami Dolphins
San Diego Chargers
Carolina Hurricanes
Sacramento Kings
Colorado Rockies
New Orleans Saints
Cleveland Indians
Chicago White Sox
Philadelphia Eagles
Utah Jazz
Memphis Grizzlies

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