'Big Bang Theory' Episode or Not?

Random Television or The Big Bang Theory Quiz

Can you name the episode titles as a real or fake 'Big Bang Theory' episode?

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titleanswerseason/real episode
The Agreement Dissection
The Spaghetti Catalyst
The Hamburger Corollary
The Killer Robot Isotope
The Benefactor Factor
The Cooper Conundrum
The Dumpling Paradox
The Boyfriend Complexity
The Cornhusker Experiment
The Psychic Vortex
The Vegas Solution
The Thespian Acquisition
The Griffin Expansion
The Loobenfeld Anomaly
The Pants Fragmentation
titleanswerseason/real episode
The Robotic Manipulation
The Good Guy Fluctuation
The Infestation Hypothesis
The Pork Chop Decay
The Zazzy Substitution
The Friendship Algorithm
The Maternal Expedition
The Peanut Reaction
The Einstein Approximation
The Lunar Excitation
The Bozeman Collision
The Justice League Formulation
The Dead Hooker Juxtaposition
The Wheaton Stimulation
The Euclid Equivalency

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