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Can you name a team
has won an NBA Finals in 7 games? (current teams)
have had a scorer average 31 or more points per game (PPG)
has swept a World Series? (current teams - Boston Braves won't count)
Vinny Testaverde played for?
the Celtics have beaten in an NBA Final besides the Lakers? (no relocation teams)
has had a running back run for over 20 TDs in a season?
Deion Sanders played for? (MLB)
Robert Horry played for?
has a name in 2 different leagues? (Ex: say Bears was a name in both NFL and MLB)
has won the NBA draft lottery at least twice? (since the lottery era)
Jamie Moyer played for?
has hosted a Super Bowl at least twice? (home field only- Rose Bowl, etc don't count)
Can you name a team
has at least an .800 winning % in a Super Bowl?
won 8,500 games? (MLB - all time)
Kenny Lofton played for?
has never lost an NBA Finals?
Roger Clemens played for?
has won more than 3 Stanley Cups?
the Yankees have lost to in a World Series? (current - no teams that got relocated)
Wayne Gretzky played for? (not WHA)
has lost 3 or more Stanley Cups?
has never had a no-hitter?
has a .700 winning % or more in a World Series?
has lost all their Stanley Cup appearances?

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