US President's Formal Powers

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Can you name the US President's Formal Powers?

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HintFormal PowerConstitutional Language
Congress must act before this power is exercised
Ideally, Congress would do something before this power is exercised.
Does Twitter count?
The first of two uncheckable formal presidential powers
NATO, Versailles [failed], Ghent, Guadalupe Hidalgo
Did you remember to do your taxes and not smoke too much reefer?
Can be quite controversial (Bolton, Cordray, Rutledge)
It was better when it was a letter. Back then it didn't interrupt prime time radio.
Sure, but the president still can't introduce any
Why do this when you can suspend habeus corpus on your own?
This won't be used anymore, because now they won't go away
The second uncheckable formal power
The Founders clearly had no problem with the passive voice
Indirectly, this led to Marbury v. Madison

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