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money spent/ put aside for necessities
income - all expenses
insurance that provides financial protection against loss or damage to an insured person's property
assests - liabilities =
a payment made by a company to its shareholders annually
large investment portfolio that holds many stocks and has several part owners
anything owned by a person having a monetary value
used as an information return to report wages paid to employees and the taxes withheld from them
when spending is greater than income
financial protection to the insured for damages/ injuries to other persons or their property
when your income is equal to your spending
money you put aside for the entertainment/fun
money paid to the government by it's citizens; supports the government
total anticipated income - total planned expenses =
the money a person has after paying all their taxes
securities representing equity ownership in a corporation
when spending is less than income
short term or long term objectives one wants to achieve
investment stock for retirement
a promise by a government/corporation to pay back an amount of money plus interest over a certain amount of time

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