The Reactions of Photosynthesis

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Chlorophyll absorbs light .
Electrons are passed to an electron transport chain.
Occurs in the stroma of the chloroplast. Uses CO2 from atmosphere, and ATP, and NADPH from the light dependent reaction. (photosystem one) This also produces Glucose.
Light energy splits water into hydrogen ions and oxygen ions while photosystem 2 loses electrons .
Electron transport chain uses energy to make ATP through CHEMIOSMOSIS.
Occurs in the thylakoid membrane of the chloroplast. Uses water, and produces O2, ATP, and NADPH.
Chlorophyll absorbs light.
ClueTerm or Definition Extension
Electrons and H+ combine with NAPD+ forming NADPH.
ATP and NADPH are used to convert the PGA into 12 molecules of PGAL.
Six molecules of CO2 combine with six molecules of RuBP forming 12 molecules of PGA.
2 PGAL molecules react to form glucose.
Electrons passed to Photosystem 1.
10 molecules of PGAL react with ATP forming 6 molecules of RUBP. This allows the cycle to continue.

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