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'You`re stronger, meaner, sexy.'season 1-4
'You need to know somebody cares about you. I care about you, Damon.'season 2-3
“Captivity’s made her pushy, eh? What do you want to know, Doppelicious?”season 2
'I look like her.'season 1-4
'He introduced me to'season 1
'My entire house could fitt in here like twice.'season 1-4
'Caroline, you’re beautiful, but if you don’t stop talking, I will kill you.'season 2-4
'He is good in the sack, isn`t he?'season 1
'A vampire hunter, who can`t be killed by vampires. Convenient.'season 3-4
'I have tons of these wooden bullets, so nothing funky.'season 1
'I don’t know what makes me more upset: That I showed you how to channel or that you almost killed me.'season 2
'For one hundred and fifty years, Mystic Falls has been the kind of town that everybody wants to call home, safe, prospers, welcoming'season 1
'Yes, unfortunately even when killed, my mother doesn`t seem to want to stay dead. Not with the spirits of nature at her side.'season 2-4
'He made a mistake and now he wants to make good and I understand that.'season 3
' My duty is to Klaus. The new order. ”season 2
'We`re not family Damon. Only in the most disfunctional sense.'season 1
'He is always right, that's his other problem.'season 1
'My passions overtake my morals on a daily basis. It’s called living life to the fullest'season 3
'I'm really sorry that it won't be of any help with you diabolical plan, the sequel.'season 1-4
'You should have told me another witch was involved. She's a Bennett witch, Katherine. But I'm sure you knew that'season 2
'The ultimate weapon for the ultimate hunter.'season 3
“Bite me”season 1-2
'The least you could do me is pour me some rich people`s scotch.'season 4
'As soon as you are feeling better I'm going to kill you'season 1-4
'I was just a soldier that was left to die...'season 1
“You know, I think it was werewolves who started that silver myth. Probably for moments like this.”season 2
'Well, don`t let her do the heavy lifting. I found her wandering the hallways with this. Just teasing, I’m the guy who wrangles all the freaky stuff.'season 4
'Bonnie! Hey, Hey! I think you're having a bad dream.'season 3
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'The kitchen is this way.'season 1
'Elijah was the Easterbunny compared to Klaus.'season 2
'Boxer briefs. Now that`s a change from the twenties.'season 3-4
“If I don’t say anything then…I mean what if nobody does? My dad and I didn’t always get along or anything but everybody still deserves to have nice things said about them season 4
'Well... I`m naked. So I`m gonna go.'season 1-3
'Your grams is way better at this stuff then I am.'season 3-4
'I shot a hybrid in the back and chopped his head off with a meat cleaver. Typical Sunday, huh?season 1-4
'Look at you. So worried about your brother. You’re the biggest monster he’ll ever meet.'season 4
'He found his rebound girl.'season 1
'That's what you get when you bring the trash to the party.'season 1-4
'A big bad wolf. You`ve changed. Still hiding behind your play things.'season 3
'Sage?'season 3
'No hard feelings, mate. But we’re not buds.'season 3-4
'Not bad, have you been eating bunnies?'season 1-4
'No one else likes me in this house.' season 1-2
'Maybe I`m a sucker for guys like you.'season 1
'I`m kissing you and you`re wondering about your ex-boyfriend?'season 1-4
'So you`re saying that now, I`m basically an insecure, neurotic, control-freak... on crack.'season 1-4
'A guy plus drunk me is a very bad thing.'season 1-2
'I was feeling epic.'season 1
'That kind of pain can drive a person mad.'season 1
'You wanna use our town as bait? That`s insane.'season 1-4
'You can`t keep following me around like a lost puppy.'season 1
'You may be cute, but you are still a vampire.'season 3
'Exactly, I mean, what is the point? What should I be doing with my eternity? If you have an answer, please enlighten me'season 2
'I can smell the judgement coming off of you.'season 1-2
'I have 400 years on you, little boy. I`ll rip you from limb to limb, and you know it.'season 1

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