Characters in the Lorien Legacies

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RoleCharacterPersonality and Traits
Number FourLegacies: Lumen, Telekinesis, Speak to Animals, Fire-Resistant, Healing
Four's Girlfriend'No one will ever hurt you while I'm alive'-John Smith to Sarah Hart
Four's Best FriendSemper Fidelis
Four's CepanMarried to a Loric named Julianne
Four's School NemesisRedemed Jerk
Sam's GirlfriendSam's crush and co-accidental-arsonist
Four's ChimaeraTakes the Form of a gecko, beagle, eagle, hawk, massive bird, and large beast. He is known as Hadley on Lorien.
Number SixLegacies: Invisibility, Telekinesis, Control the Elements
Number TenLegacies: Telepathy. Aeturnus
Six's CepanSix's best friend and adoptive mother figure, her Cepan.
Ten's CepanElla's adoptive father.
Mark's Two DogsTwo dogs VERY lucky to be alive.
Seven's FriendThe philosophic alcoholic.
(^) His MotherHealed by Marina's Power.
Seven's CatLives with Carlotta.
Ten's ChimaeraElla's chimaera
Number OneLegacies: Enhancement, Telekinesis, Earthquakes.
Number One's CepanSevere, expert in hand to hand combat.
Number TwoNo known Legacies
Number Two's CepanActed as her father.
Number ThreeLegacies: Enhancement.
RoleCharacterPersonality and Traits
Number FiveNo known Legacies.
Number SevenLegacies: See in the Dark, Telekinesis, Breathe Underwater, Healing
Seven's CepanThe cepan who lost her way and found it again at the very end...
Seven's School NemesisJust looks for trouble...
(^) Her CronyRound like a gourde... Her real name is Hilda.
(^^) Her CronyShe slipped in a puddle...
(^^^) Her CronyChampion of the Dock game.
A Sister of the ConventLeader of the Convent.
A Sister of the ConventThe sadistic nun.
Number NineLegacies: Anti-Gravity, Telekinesis, Transfer Legacies without Xitheris, Speak to Animals.
Nine's CepanThe VERY hightech cepan.
Number EightLegacies: Shape Shifting, Telekinesis, Teleportation.
Eight's CepanThe naive lover.
(^) His GirlfriendReynold's traitorous girlfriend.
(^^^) His Loyal ServentLeft behind by Eight.
Sam's FatherHelped the Loric assimilate into Earth's society.
The Anti-MogThe ONE Good Mog
The Mogadorian LeaderGigantic, chiseled, can steal Legacies.
Sarah's MotherA Realtor
The AgentTall, Auburn Hair.
Another AgentObnoxious middle-aged man.

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