One-To-Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

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Alfred Hitchcock (six degrees)
directed Rebecca (1940), which featured: 
...who appeared in All About Eve (1950), which featured a cameo by: 
...who starred in Some Like It Hot (1959), which starred: 
...who is the father of: 
...who appeared in Drowning Mona (2000) with: 
...who starred in Wild Things (1998) with: 
Marlon Brando (five degrees)
starred in The Godfather (1972), which co-starred: 
...who starred in Days Of Thunder (1990), which starred: 
...who is married to: 
...who starred in Pieces of April (2003), which featured: 
...who appeared in Frost/Nixon (2008) with: 
John Wayne (four degrees)
starred in The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (1962), alongside: 
...who starred in Shenandoah (1965), which featured: 
...who appeared in The Graduate (1967), which starred: 
...who appeared in Sleepers (1996) with: 
Steve Martin (three degrees)
starred in HouseSitter (1992) which co-starred: 
...who appeared in Death Becomes Her (1992) with: 
...who starred in The River Wild (1994) with: 
Tom Cruise (two degrees)
starred in Cocktail (1988), which co-starred: 
...who appeared in Hollow Man (2000), which starred: 
Kevin Bacon (one degree)
is married to: 

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