Passengers of Flight 815 (LOST)?

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Can you name the Passengers of Flight 815 (LOST)?

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Actor's NameCharacterSurvivor Group
Evangeline LillyMid-section
Kimberley JosephTail section
William BlanchetteMid-section
Daniel Dae KimMid-section
Greg GrunbergFront section (deceased)
Jorge GarciaMid-section
UnknownMid-section (presumed dead)
Michelle RodriguezTail section (deceased)
Fredric LaneMid-section (deceased)
Daniel RoebuckMid-section (deceased)
Terry O'QuinnMid-section (may be deceased)
Laird Granger/Frank TorresMid-section (deceased)
Scott PaulinMid-section (presumed dead)
Yunjin KimMid-section
Maggie GraceMid-section (deceased)
Kiele SanchezMid-section (deceased)
Malcolm David KelleyMid-section
Sam AndersonTail section
Mickey GraueTail section
Actor's NameCharacterSurvivor Group
Naveen AndrewsMid-section
Christian BowmanMid-section (deceased)
Emilie de RavinMid-section (may be deceased)
Dominic MonaghanMid-section (deceased)
Chris CandellaMid-section (deceased)
Harold PerrineauMid-section (deceased)
Cynthia WatrosTail section (deceased)
Kiersten HavelockTail section
Adewale Akinnuoye-AgbajeTail section (deceased)
Josh HollowayMid-section
Jim MazzarellaMid-section (deceased)
Bryan SatoMid-section (presumed dead)
UnknownMid-section (deceased)
Sean Douglas HobanMid-section (deceased)
L. Scott CaldwellMid-section
Rodrigo SantoroMid-section (deceased)
Dustin WatchmanMid-section (deceased)
Matthew FoxMid-section
Sean WhalenMid-section (deceased)
Ian SomerhalderMid-section (deceased)

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