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Can you answer the questions about the lumatere chronicles; Finnikin of the rock, Froi of the exiles and Quintana of Charyn

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Where does Lady Celie go as a spy?
What is Froi's real name
Where did Finnikin and Isaboe first find Froi?
Why was Lirah imprisoned?
What is the oracle's name?
What does Isaboe need to do to walk the sleep?
Where does Quintana hide while she is pregnant?
Who is the mother of Quintana
How long after the marriage did Phaedra leave Lucian?
Who is the father of Quintana
What words did Quintana write on the wall of her chamber in blood
How old was Arjuro when he received the gift of godspeak?
Name one of Isaboe's sisters
What does Finnikin pledge?
What number is Phaedra on Froi's list of people he trusts?
Where is Gargarin from?
Who kept letting Lotte and Orly's cows
What does Lucian pledge?
How old was Arjuro when he went to the Citavita Godshouse?
Who does Isaboe pretend to be for the majority of book 1
Who is Phaedra's father?
Who did Arjuro and Gargarin name themselves after?
Were the brothers from Abroi born as twins or not?
What's Quintana's sister's name?
Who saves Isaboe during the 'Five days of the Unspeakable'
What is Froi's son's name
Where (geographically) does Froi get etched?
What does Balthazar pledge?

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