Union General, Confederate General or neither

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Can you name the Union General, Confederate General or neither?

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Abner Doubleday
Jefferson C. Davis
George E. Pickett
Lysander Appomattox
James Longstreet
Christopher Columbus Auger
Richard Stoddard Ewell
David Farragut
David Wark Griffith
Ambrose E. Burnside
George Follansbee Babbitt
Simon Bolivar Buckner (Sr.)
Orlando B. Willcox
Grant Hill
Alpheus Starkey Williams
Adelbert Ames
William S. Rosecrans
Theophilus Hunter Holmes
Leonidas Polk
Thomas Jefferson Rusk
Solomon Merideth
Alexander Schimmelfennig
Ken Burns
Norman Schwarzkopf
Benjamin Franklin Cheatham
Thomas Jonathan Johnston
Pierre Beauregard
Nathan Bedford Forrest
Winfield Scott Brown
Jubal Anderson Early
Philo Taylor Farnsworth
George S. Patton

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